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We believe in giving back, what we can, to make this world a better place for all paws.

Knowing what it's like on the rough & cold streets of the world, to having the luck of finding a forever, loving & warm home, cannot be taken for granted, that's for sure. Therefore, we want to give back the love we have received, by helping other furry fwends out there in need, with our products, providing them with food and shelter and the possibility of finding their very own, forever home. Cuz every paw, deserves the best!

How it all started...

From the streets of Romania, to finding home in Innsbruck, after an exhausting and terrifying life...

Fostering Amy & Luis was the initial plan, accenting "initial", as plans changed quite a bit in no time...


Late October, 2020, the 1.5-year-old siblings arrived after an exhausting 24h drive from Romania, were they presumably lived on the streets for most of their lives. Together with TINA (Tiere in Not Austria), they were luckily able to travel out of the country and were fostered by Melina immediately

Amy & Luis were both extremely friendly straight away, yet very shy and precautious towards humans. They surely haven't had the most pleasing life, nor any great experiences with mankind till that day it seemed obviously. Therefore, they needed a lot of patience, gentle kindness and lots of love of course. Within the first seconds we met, we were greatly rewarded already with a lot of kisses and first steps to redeeming their trust. It was wonderful. 

As days, weeks, months passed and no appropriate home was found for the two, Melina decided it was time to make a decision. It was time for them to finally settle, find their inner peace and arrive home. So after some thinking and closely listening to the heart, Amy & Luis were no foster dogs no more, but had finally found their forever home. That's when Amy & Luis was officially born - inspired by love, made with love, for loved ones. 

📸 Renate Laiminger

Amy & Luis' very first day. Arrival from Romania, late October, 2020, after an exhausting 24h drive. They were extremely friendly from the start, yet very shy & delicate from their traumatising experiences with mankind. It was the 1st day of a new & loving chapter in their life. They finally arrived home. 'Amy & Luis' was officially born - inspired by love, made with love, for loved ones. 


With every set you purchase, Amy & Luis helps provide food and shelter to dogs in need.

We work closely with several amazing animal organisations every month, like the ones mentioned below, to help paws in need, to survive and giving them a second chance they deserve so very much. With every set you buy here at Amy & Luis, you help support this fantastic work these hoomans do on a daily basis for our furry fwends out there. Help us make a change & be the change! Much love x

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An extremely dedicated and social start-up, founded by two young German students, committed to improving the life of street dogs in Romania with creativity & lots of love.

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TINA is a voluntary animal welfare association from Tyrol, which focus on the rescue, spaying & re-homing of Romanian street dogs to the DACH countries.



With their full heart & soul, these committed, voluntary helpers, are looking to find forever homes for our four-legged friends in Greece.

Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 19.22.36.jpg


Brunopet is a Romanian dog shelter & rescue center, giving dogs a second chance in life, by rehoming them with the help of foster families, who pep them up again. 

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Hand in hand, with the "Hunderunde", this great animal protection group mediates dogs & cats, from different animal protectors and activists from Romania to Germany. 

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