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Our story began the moment Amy & Luis came into our lives. Who knew, that fostering two, absolutely wonderful doggos could turn into adopting them in such a short time - it truly was love at first sight, dear fwends! ;)

From the very start, we wanted to create something good. That was, and will always remain, our core value and purpose, here at Amy & Luis. We want to create something special in the name of our two newest family members, for all doggos to enjoy. That's when our little company was born. No matter, if doggos wearing our handmade collar & leashes could enjoy that pleasure or if the worn do good for other hairy fwends in need, by helping provide food & shelter with the purchased products. We create goods with love for loved ones, no matter for which four-legged fwend, no matter on which continent. Let us make this pawsome for all included. Welcome to the pack, fwends! We can't wait to meet you!





„Dear Fwends, dear Hoomans!


It’s truly a pleasure to meet you here! We are Amy & Luis, brother and sister.

A few months ago our lives couldn’t have been more contrasting to our current situation. We lived on the streets of Rumania, fighting for our lives, and luckily always managed to stay & stick together for over 1.5 years. On October 31st, last year, we eventually ended up in Innsbruck, where we got rescued & adopted by our new hooman and newest employee Melina together with 'Tiere in Not Austria'. Who would have thought that things can change this fast? (But she did have quite a good CV, if we’re completely honest!) And now we even own our very own company (and model part-time as well obviously)! Absolutely crazy! We are telling you: It’s heaven & paradise in one! So much freee food, pawsome treats, games & long walkies, making new fwends everyday, soft, fresh, warm beds, and lets not even start with the daily dose of love and cuddles we get! Unbelievable!

Nevertheless, we’re a team, so we just split our CEO duties between whoever feels like it most - that does the job and guarantees we will never have a burnout! Promise x

We are just so grateful! Yet, we will never forget where we really came from and that many fwends out there still need our help desperately! That’s why we decided to donate a part of our earnings, here at Amy & Luis, to selected dog & animal charities to continue this brilliant work, to help other fwends become CEO’s as well some day!

Soo, let’s make this pawsome and create some beautiful collars & leashes to make all doggos on this world happy puppies! Thank you for being a part of this journey! Paw for now & sending much love.

Yours, Amy & Luis x”




“Hi everyone, I’m Melina. As Amy & Luis already mentioned, I am the founder of A&L (and their personal full-time cuddler, feeder, entertainer, partner in crime, dog mama) and employee, handcrafting every individual collar & leash uniquely here at A&L with the rest of our wonderful team.

I adopted Amy & Luis from the streets of Romania in October 2020. It was a rather unplanned decision tbh, as they just popped into my life very unexpectedly whilst I was visiting back home (Innsbruck) from London - I was only fostering the two, as they needed a place urgently - and then (obviously)... we fell in love! 💕🙊 The most important thing for me, from the very first moment I saw them, was that the two can stay together, at best, forever! That’s when it all started. So, here we are... “Amy & Luis” - inspired by love - was born!

All my life, from a very young age onwards, I’ve always had a lot of rescued animals by my side and was active in animal welfare around the globe. Therefore, it instantly felt right to go in that direction and try out something new, a project inspired by love, made with love, for loved ones! 

I hope you enjoy our journey & our products, as much as we did creating them! Let’s make this fabulous ✨

Lots of love, Melina x”





We wouldn't be able to do all the exciting things we do here, at Amy & Luis, without some extra helping hands (& paws) of these wonderful hoomans. 








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